Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
marketMarket IDString
uuidsOrder UUID listArray
identifiersOrder Identifier ListArray
stateThe state of order
- wait : waiting for orders to be completed (default)
- watch : wait for stop-limit orders
- done : completed all orders
- cancel : Cancel orders

- Market order is not inquired on the order list lookup API: A market buy order can occur in both cases when the order status is cancel or done after being executed.

- If an order balance occurs after the execution at market price, the remaining balance will be returned and processed as cancel. In most cases, an insignificant amount that is not divisible to 8 decimal places will accrue as the order backlog.

- If there is no order remaining and all orders are completed, the order status will turn into done.
pageNumber of Pages, default: 1Number
order_bySorting Method
- asc : Ascending
- desc : Descending (default)


Field NameDescriptionType
uuidUnique Order IDString
sideOrder TypeString
ord_typeOrder MethodString
priceCurrency Price at the Time of OrderNumberString
stateOrder StatusString
marketMarket Unique KeyString
created_atOrder Generation TimeDateString
volumeUser Input Order VolumeNumberString
remaining_volumeThe amount remaining after the orderNumberString
reserved_feeReserved FeesNumberString
remaining_feeRemaining FeesNumberString
paid_feeUsed FeesNumberString
lockedRatio being used in TransactionsNumberString
executed_volumeThe amount of the orders madeNumberString
trades_countThe number of Transactions in the orderInteger
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