Allowlisted Withdrawal Address registration is REQUIRED to withdraw.

In order to withdraw through Open API, the withdrawal address must be registered as an allowlisted withdrawal address.

Register the withdrawal address by going to [MY] > [Open API] > [Allowlisted Withdrawal Address].


Network Type (net_type) vs. Network name(network_name)

  • What is net_type?
    'Network type' is the blockchain network used when depositing/withdrawing digital assets. Every digital asset has its unique network(chain) and may differ depending on the type of digital asset.
  • What is network_name?
    'Network Name' allows you to check the blockchain network name of the digital assets supported by Upbit.


currencyCurrency SymbolString
net_typeCurrency NetworkString
network_nameCurrency Blockchain Network NameString
withdraw_addressWithdrawal AddressString
secondary_addressSecondary Withdrawal Address (only for required digital assets)String
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