Field NameDescriptionType
marketMarket IDString
candle_date_time_utcCandle time(UTC)String
opening_priceOpening priceDouble
high_priceHigh priceDouble
low_priceLow priceDouble
trade_priceClosing price.Double
timestampLast trade timestamp for the candle.Long
candle_acc_trade_priceAccumulated trade price for the candle.Double
candle_acc_trade_volumeAccumulated trade quantity for the candle.Double
prev_closing_pricePrevious Day Close Price
(Based on UTC+0)
change_priceChange price compared to the previous day's closing priceDouble
change_rateChange price rate compared to the previous day's closing priceDouble
converted_trade_priceConverted Close price by 'convertingPriceUnit'.
(If not digital asset market, return null value.)
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