1. API information

  • v1: wss://api.upbit.com/websocket/v1

2. Rate limit

3. Data Type

Each type of information is divided into Snapshotand Real-time data and the available data to be received depends on the request method.

Snapshot information refers to the state at the time of the request.
Real-time information refers to the continuous provision of the requested information in stream form.

You can request Snapshot and Real-time information using WebSocket, and you can also request only one of the two types of information.


A data type that can be received without any special authentication.

  • ticker: Current market price (Snapshot and real-time data available)
  • trade: Transaction (Snapshot and real-time data available)
  • orderbook: Orders (Snapshot and real-time data available)


A data type that can only be received with authentication.
For a detailed guide on authentication, please refer to the Make Websocket Request page.

  • myTrade: My Trade (Real-time data available)