Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
uuidOrder UUIDString
identifierUser Designated Value for InquiriesString


Either the uuid or identifier must be included.


Field NameDescriptionType
uuidUnique Order IDString
sideOrder TypeString
ord_typeOrder MethodString
priceCurrency Price at the Time of OrderNumberString
stateOrder StatusString
marketMarket Unique KeyString
created_atOrder Created TimeDateString
volumeUser Input Order VolumeNumberString
remaining_volumeRemaining Order Volume after tradingNumberString
reserved_feeRatio Reserved as FeesNumberString
remaining_feeRemaining FeesNumberString
paid_feeUsed FeesNumberString
lockedRatio being used in TransactionsNumberString
executed_volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades_countThe number of Transactions in the orderInteger
trades.marketMarket Unique KeyString
trades.uuidUnique Transaction IDString
trades.priceTraded PriceNumberString
trades.volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades.fundsTotal Traded PriceNumberString
trades.sideTraded TypeString
trades.created_atTraded TimeDateString
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