[Notice] Changes in Open API : Support various order types (Upbit Singapore Only, from 10/23)

Dear Traders,

We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the Open API.
*The following features are supported only for Upbit Singapore

[New Features]

  • We support the best order type as well as the ioc (Immediate or Cancel) and fok (Fill or Kill) functions.
    • You can make a 'Best type Order' along with the IOC FOK option. (best_fok, best_ioc types)
    • You can make a 'Limit Order' along with the IOC FOK option. (limit_fok, limit_ioc types)
  • Kindly check the following document for new order types & options (document version 1.1.1).


  • Date: Monday, Oct 23, 2023. 14:00 SGT

  • Some features affected by these changes can affect the Open API service.

If any additional updates need to be communicated, we will inform you through this notice.

Thank you.