Changes in Open API (Upbit Singapore Only, from 10/10)

Dear Traders,

In compliance with the Travel Rule, we are introducing new requirements for withdrawals via Open API.


  • Travel Rule go-live and Open API Withdrawal support, with effect from 10th October 2023.

[Detailed Changes]

  • All withdrawals via Open API require the registration of a new withdrawal address via the web portal. Navigate to My > Open API > Withdrawal Wallet Management.

Please ensure that you provide the following Travel Rule information:

  • Type of exchange or wallet for withdrawal
  • Name of the recipient

*If linking an exchange wallet, ensure that the details match those registered at the receiving exchange.

*Please note that all withdrawal addresses created before October 10th, 2023, will require additional travel rule information after its implementation. Therefore, please update the withdrawal addresses with the required information accordingly.


  • Please note that withdrawal support for certain exchanges or private wallets may change over time.
  • If you wish to register a private wallet address, please note that this can only be completed for an address listed on the Personal Wallet Address Management page under My > Security. Before registering a withdrawal address, ensure that your personal wallet is registered. Note that you cannot use a withdrawal address if you delete the wallet address registered on the Personal Wallet Address Management page.

For more information, please refer to the previous notice:

Thank you.
Upbit Team.