[Notice] Changes in Open API: Network type (net_type) required for deposit/withdrawal (from May 23)

Updated: May 22, 2023. 08:01 UTC

Dear Traders,

The network type (net_type) has been added for deposit and withdrawal APIs.
The network type (net_type) must be specified in the request parameter, and if the network type does not match, deposits and withdrawals may not proceed.

Please double-check the address and network type before use.

Updated: May 22, 2023. 10:08 UTC

Dear Traders,

We would like to inform you that the schedule for adding the network type (net_type) required for deposits and withdrawals has been changed and provide you with the exact time for your reference.

  • Date of change: Tuesday, May 23, 2023. 08:00 UTC
  • After this change is applied, deposits or withdrawals may not process if the network type is not specified in the request parameter.

Dear Traders,

Find the deposit/withdrawal function changes within Open API below.
*These major changes may affect the use of Open API.
Kindly read carefully about the changes below.

  • What is Network type (net_type)?
    'Network type' is the blockchain network used when depositing/withdrawing digital assets. Every digital asset has its unique network(chain) and may differ depending on the type of digital asset.


  • Network type (net_type) to be added to the following API list.
  • The network type (net_type) is required if network type is added to the request parameter.

*Reminder: withdrawals may not process if the network type does not correspond. Please retry after confirming the address and the network type.

TypeAPIAdded to request parameter(*required)Added to response parameter
DepositDeposit List Inquiry (GET /v1/deposits)O
DepositIndividual Deposit Inquiry (GET /v1/deposit)O
DepositDeposit Address Generation (POST /v1/deposits/generate_coin_address)O
DepositGeneral Deposit Address Inquiry (GET /v1/deposits/coin_addresses)O
DepositIndividual Deposit Address Inquiry (GET /v1/deposits/coin_address)OO
WithdrawalWithdrawal List Inquiry (GET /v1/withdraws)O
WithdrawalIndividual Withdrawal Inquiry (GET /v1/withdraw)O
WithdrawalAvailable Balance Information (GET /v1/withdraws/chance)O
WithdrawalWithdrawal Coins (POST /v1/withdraws/coin)OO

Already registered addresses' Network Type (net_type) will be set automatically (limited to addresses that have only one network type). After May 22nd, 2023 the network type must be set through Upbit [MY] > [Open API Management] > [Withdrawal Wallet Management] when registering a new "Allowlisted Withdrawal Address"


  1. Date of change: May 22nd, 2023 (estimated)
  2. Impact of change:
  • While deploying the above function, part of the Open API service may be affected.
  • Any updates or issues that need to be addressed will be announced through this notice.

For any inquiries regarding the above, please contact [email protected]

Thank you