Changes in Open API (New API)

Dear Traders,

A new withdrawal API has been updated.

The Allowslisted Withdrawal Addresses registered in Upbit can be requested using Open API with the following API.

TypeAPIAdded to request parameter(*required)Added to response parameter
WithdrawalAllowlisted Withdrawal Address (GET /v1/withdraws/coin_addresses)O

Also, information such as network_name, the blockchain network name of the digital asset supported by Upbit, and net_type blockchain network used when depositing/withdrawing digital assets through the Open API are available.

Please refer to the following information for details on the related feature:

Open API Function Addition Notice

What is network_name?

  • network_name is a feature that allows you to check the blockchain network name of the digital assets supported by Upbit.
  • Use the following API to check the network_name:

Please note that using the network_name when making deposits or withdrawals may result in errors. 

  • The network_name feature is for reference only. 
  • Please refer to the previous notice for information on thenet_type.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.